Further connecting with the Vietnamese overseas business people

Recently, at the office of Ho Chi Minh City Vietnamese Overseas Committee, the leadership of the Committee has met with Mr. Lê Hữu Cảnh, Chairman of the Viet Nam - Sydney Business Association (VSBA).

At the meeting, on behalf of  VSBA, Mr. Lê Hữu Cảnh expressed the interests  and aspirations of the members of VSBA for further bringing the Vietnamese overseas business community in Australia, in Sydney in particular, closer to the Fatherland. The members of VSBA believed that through the Ho Chi Minh City Overseas Vietnamese Committee and VSBA, they would have  more opportunities and favorable conditions to network and know more about the investment climate of Ho Chi Minh City. Mr. Lê Hữu Cảnh also briefed the leadership of  Ho Chi Minh City Vietnamese Overseas on the outcomes of the fact-finding mission by the Vietnamese business delegation  attending the Fine Food Australia event in Sydney, in late September, 2015. On this occasion, the VSBA had coordinated with the Embassy and Trade Mission of Viet Nam to Australia, to hold a seminar  under the theme "Investment opportunities in Australia". The Seminar was a success with the participation of representatives of more than 20 businesses of Viet Nam, of the Overseas Vietnamese in Australia and Australian consultants in insurance, finance and real estate.

However, Mr. Cảnh suggested that in order to add efficiency to future visits, the business delegations should be organized into specific fields and sectors. Mr. Cảnh said that the Australian market would not be so "difficult" as most people thought if the Vietnamese businesses knew how to promote their advantages and potentials. VSBA and other departments and agencies  like the Overseas Vietnamese Committee, would bridge the business communities of both countries and facilitate their partnership in investment, market research and expansion.   

On behalf of the Overseas Vietnamese Committee, Mr. Phạm Văn Hải, Chairman, highly appreciated the positive contributions by VSBA in particular and the overseas Vietnamese business people in general, to the fine relations between the Governments of Viet Nam and Australia. The community of the overseas Vietnamese in Australia of 300,000 generated a significant resource for the common prosperity of both countries. The birth of VSBA came from the increasing interests of the overseas Vietnamese in doing business in the Fatherland. At the same time, more and more Vietnamese businesses were searching for opportunities in Australia and they received the consultation from VSBA. The attachment and bonds that the overseas Vietnamese had for their Fatherland was evidenced by their contributions to the Vừ A Dính Scholarships and active engagement in activities towards the Fatherland's sea and islands.

VSBA is a non-political organization, bringing together not only the overseas Vietnamese business people in Sydney but also others of different origins from Australia, Viet Nam and all over the world. The VSBA is keen to support the Vietnamese business people in Sydney as well as its members through  providing information, consultation and event planning. Last September, at the instructions of the Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee on enhancing the export capacity and finding markets for the businesses of the City and surrounding localities, the City's Investment and Trade Promotion Center in collaboration with the Overseas Vietnamese Committee and VSBA, held a "business mission to study the market and network with overseas Vietnamese businesses in Australia 2015".


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