(Overseas Vietnamese Committee) “Bird wings of the four directions flock here, let’s strengthen our circle of unity. The obstacles and dreams are faraway, let’s gather here under the same roof…”. These were the lyrics of a song that the members of the Arebco normally sang at every scholarship awarding event. This song was composed by a student member of Arebco, named Phú Thiên and it reflected the true feelings of the composer as he, himself, was also the Arebco scholarship awardee.

The photo supplied by Thiên who is on the left side. Ms. Jeanne Huynh, a Vietnamese French, Chairwoman of Arebco is next to Thien.



The song “Under the Same Roof”, which was composed by Thiên especially for Arebco, was considered to be the theme song of the Association. The song was highly appreciated by Thiên’s elder members of the Association, as the valuable appreciation present from Thiên, for all the love and care Arebco extended to the disadvantaged pupils and students, thus helping them rise above their difficulties.


 Thiên, whose hometown was Quảng Nam Province, was currently pursuing Master Degree in Cultural Management at Ho Chi Minh City University of Culture. As a student from the Central Region of Viet Nam, coming to the Southern Region for higher education, indeed, Thiên faced many difficulties in life and schoolwork. Luckily, one day, Thiên confided his family background to an elder Communist Youth Union member of the University, whose mother worked for the Ho Chi Minh City Association of Victims of Agent Orange/dioxin and she happened to know Arebco. Through this lady, Thiên’s background was shared with Ms. Jeanne Huỳnh – President of Arebco. It had been four years since Thiên was supported by Arebco.  


 Composing came to Thiên as a destiny. At high school, a teacher saw Thiên playing a musical instrument (then as an amateur) and he recommended Thiên to study at the Ho Chi Minh City University of Culture. At the teacher’s recommendation, Thiên took the entrance examination to study the program of administering music-related activities. Whenever Thiên wanted to record his feelings, he put them into melody. Gradually, his ability to compose was further developed by this act and became his passion. He then could compose a song of his own.


Thiên said “For the very first time I was awarded the Arebco Scholarship, the emotions and melody come to me naturally. I was totally touched and sympathetic to the other awardees who came to study in the City from other provinces. When I got home, the song was almost completed”.


Thiên got the first prize in a composing contest. He used part of the prize money to complete the melody of the song as well as to record it as a surprise present to the Arebco members. The fact that the  Arebco members were happy with Thiên’s present made him overjoyed as he had made his own contribution to the Association. The song carried a special meaning to Thiên as it was his gratitude to the elder members of Arebco for their support.


Thiên added “Myself, and those who have been wholeheartedly supported by Arebco, have considered the Association as our second home”. First of all, Thiên was committed to studying excellently, improving himself so that he could make his parents and the elder members of Arebco happy. Let’s hope that later on, Thiên will continue contributing further to the activities of Arebco, so that the Association can reach out to more disadvantaged students, thus encouraging them to keep pursuing their dreams.


Morning of March 8, 2015, Arebco held Scholarship Awarding Ceremony – Second Term (Academic Year 2014-2015), at the office of Ho Chi Minh City Overseas Vietnamese Committee. The ceremony, which took place in a cordial atmosphere, was graced by the presence of Mr. Lê Hưng Quốc, Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City Union of Friendship Organizations, Ms. Nguyễn Thị Ngọc Hạnh, Vice Chairwoman of the Overseas Vietnamese Committee.


Ms. Jeanne Huỳnh (an overseas Vietnamese in France) informed that  within the ceremony, Arebco awarded 105 scholarships to pupils and students, totally valued at 292.5 million Vietnamese dong. The value of the scholarship for each student and each pupil was 1.8 million and 1.2 million Vietnamese dong respectively.



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