Recently, Ho Chi Minh City Overseas Vietnamese Committee (HCM City OVC) has held a ceremony to hand over a charitable house to Mrs. Trần Thị Lẹ, resident at commune Phước Kiểng, Nhà Bè Suburban District, Ho Chi Minh City. Ms. Nguyễn Thị Ngọc Hạnh, Vice Chairwoman of HCM City OVC, representatives of departments, agencies and mass organizations of commune Phước Kiển and sponsors of the City, attended the ceremony.



Ceremony to hand over a charitable house to Mrs. Trần Thị Lẹ


The cost of constructing the 24-square-meter house of Mrs. Trần Thị Lẹ, was 50 million Vietnamese dong. All the funding for the construction cost was raised by HCM City OVC through the sponsorship of The General Association of Vietnamese in Belgium. This was a meaningful project, demonstrating the warm friendship and affection of the overseas Vietnamese towards the disadvantaged, thus upholding the tradition of solidarity of the Vietnamese people, in the spirit “Fine leaves protect the tattered ones”.

Mrs. Lẹ was living in straitened circumstances. On the first visit to her house, we was moved because at her age, she was supposed to lead a happy life in the care of her children and grandchildren and have cozy family meals. However, what we saw was a 75-year-old woman with a sad face, living alone in a decrepit, patched house. Particularly, her house with worn-out furniture was heavily flooded during high water.  Her circumstances were worsened by her suffering from a stroke. She was unable to walk freely and take care of herself.  Her daily meals were prepared by members of the Communist Youth Union, Women Association and her kind neighbors at commune Phước Kiểng, Nhà Bè Suburban District.

During the ceremony, Mrs. Lẹ was deeply touched and burst into tears. It seems that words could hardly express her joy. All she wanted to say was big thanks to everybody and quickly dried her tears of happiness. All of us were confident that  Mrs. Lẹ now had a fine house to live in during the rest of her life. She was no longer worried about flooding during high water. Mrs. Lẹ also received other consumer products and 6 million Vietnamese dong in cash, presented by the sponsors.



A sponsor presented gift to Mrs. Lẹ

HCM City OVC looks forward to further support from overseas Vietnamese communities towards the homeland,  in a joint mission opening caring arms in company with the disadvantaged.


(Overseas Vietnamese Committee)

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