Thailand names road Thau Chin – alias of President Ho Chi Minh

A road in Thailand’s Udon Thani province has been named Thau Chin – the alias Vietnam’s President Ho Chi Minh used when he lived in Thailand.

The road links Provincial Road 2263 and the Ho Chi Minh memorial site in Nong Hang village, Chiang Phin commune of Mueang district, Udon Thani province. It includes two branches: Thau Chin 1 with length of 850m and width of 6m and Thau Chin 2 with length of 160m and width of 4m.

The ceremony to inaugurate the road with the new name was solemnly held in Mueang district on February 4th.

Speaking at the ceremony, Vietnam’s Deputy Foreign Minister Vu Hong Nam stressed that during the time President Ho Chi Minh stayed in Thailand, he laid a firm foundation for the long-term friendship between Vietnam and Thailand.

In 2016, various activities were organized to mark the 40th anniversary of establishing the diplomatic relations between the two countries. The naming of the road after the alias of President Ho Chi Minh is a demonstration of the two countries’ determination to reinforce the bilateral relations, he noted.

He also expressed deep gratitude to the Royal Family, the government and the administration of Udon Thani province and local people, as well as the overseas Vietnamese community in Thailand.

Mr. Suchai Butsara, Deputy Governor of Udon Thani province, said that the province has become part of Vietnam’s struggle for national liberation and confirmed that the Ho Chi Minh commemorative site will forever be a symbol of the amity and close bonds between the two nations.

Ho Chi Minh lived and worked in Thailand from early July 1928 to late 1929. During the six months he stayed in Udon Thani, under the name of Thau Chin, he was a chief editor of a newspaper, opened a school teaching Vietnamese language in Nong Bua and translated some books to prepare for the fight against France to gain national independence for the people of Vietnam.

In a short time, image of President Ho Chi Minh left an indelible mark on the people of Thailand, especially for overseas Vietnamese. /.



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