Ho Chi Minh City towards the goal of greater development

Joining other cities and provinces nationwide, Ho Chi Minh (HCM) City successfully organised the 10th congress of the municipal Party Committee (2015-2020 tenure) in 2015, making it the city’s most significant milestone of the year.

Ho Chi Minh City is striving to become one of the economic and technology hubs in Southeast Asia.

The resolution adopted at the congress reflects the creative and flexible application of central-level resolutions and directives in line with realities of the city, becoming a guiding light to continue driving it towards better quality of life and increasing development and modernity.

The southern morning weather on the last days of 2015 was filled with chilly breezes like catalysts stirring eagerness in the hearts of people towards a new year. Central streets across the city were decorated with LED string lights in the shape of sparkling yellow sunflowers looking towards the sun. 2015 has finished and a five-year term has just flown back into the past, leaving many imprints of achievements along with a few concerns.

On its path forwards, HCM City is always aware of creatively applying central-level resolutions and directives to fit with the reality of the situation.

In September 1982, the Politburo (5th tenure) promulgated Resolution No. 1 on the development of HCM City. 20 years later, the Politburo (9th tenure) issued Resolution No. 20 on directions and tasks for development of the city until 2010. In August 2012, the Politburo (10th tenure) went on to issue Resolution No. 16 devising development orientations for HCM City till 2020. From those important strategic directions, with bravery, innovation and dynamism, the municipal Party, authority and people have made numerous breakthroughs and reached significant and comprehensive achievements, creating radical transformations in society and contributing considerably to the common gains of the southern key economic region and the whole country.

Based on summarising experience from the reality and common development directions of the country, the 10th congress of the municipal Party Committee (2015-2020 tenure) reached high consensus on tasks and measures to build a transparent and strong Party organisation and mobilise all resources to build HCM City towards increasing modern development, maintaining its leading role in terms of socio-economic development and soon becoming an economic and technology hub in Southeast Asia. The congress’s resolution has outlined 14 goals along with 12 key measures and seven breakthroughs relating to basic and substantial areas of the municipal construction, protection and development cause in the years ahead. It also identifies major tasks and solutions regarding building a transparent and strong Party organisation and political system.

The congress conveyed a clear message to all classes of people in the city that the municipal Party organisation always develops close bonds with people, wholeheartedly serves people and relies on people to build, protect and develop the city of increasing modern development, steadily heading towards socialism.

As a special city and a multifunctional centre opening to the region and the world, it is extremely crucial for HCM City to become increasingly civilised and modern. According to Assoc. Prof. Phuong Ngoc Thach, Chairman of the HCM City Economics and Management Science Association, in order to promptly become one of the region’s economic and technology hubs, HCM City must possess superior competitiveness and workforce productivity. With its role as a socio-economic locomotive of the country, the city is tasked with pioneering and clearing the way for the industries that require capital and technology, creating a foundation for development of the high value added and high-tech production industries. The city also needs to boost banking and financial activities to attract capital flows from both at home and abroad, implement inviting policies to attract qualified human resources and accelerate regional connectivity.

The municipal Party Committee has put forward seven breakthrough programmes for the next five years, with a programme entitled “Urban embellishment and development” added to the six existing programmes of the previous tenure. This is a key programme aiming to comprehensively improve the living conditions of local citizens and develop the city in compliance with the model of “a modern and sustainable city with good life quality”.

A notable initiative of the city is the movement “Hunger eradication and poverty reduction”. In 1992, HCM City’s Cu Chi district chose Cay Sop hamlet in Tan An Hoi commune as a site to pilot the poverty alleviation programme by providing production loans to the hamlet’s 10 poorest households. After 23 years, this programme has not only proved effective in its debut but also spread across the country.

A new year has begun. The municipal Party organisation, authority and people are exerting all efforts to greet the upcoming 12th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam. Joining other localities nationwide, HCM City is continuing to mobilise all resources in order to build the city with improved living standards and better care for people’s lives; strengthen close bonds with people; and take drastic measures to improve the business climate and remove obstacles towards better use of resources to meet requirements for development of the city and the whole country.


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