Truong Sa barringtonia asiatica first planted in Singapore

Truong Sa barringtonia asiatica, a symbol of the vitality of the sea and islands of Vietnam was planted in the campus of the Vietnamese Embassy in Singapore on May 21st.

Flower of barringtonia asiatica on Big Truong Sa island. (Photo:

The soldiers on the Big Truong Sa presented the Barringtonia Asiatica to the overseas Vietnamese community in Singapore during their visit to Truong Sa in April.

Mr. Ta Thuy Lien, a staff of the Vietnamese Embassy in Singapore, moved to share memories about the memorable trip.

“The first time I set foot on Truong Sa island, I see with my own eyes the actions and steadfast will of soldiers on islands and I was delivered more pride and love for my nation. Particularly, planting Barringtonia Asiatica, a steadfast and undauntable symbol of Truong Sa island, in Singapore make us want to live, study and dedicate wholeheartedly to the homeland,” said Mrs. Lien.

On behalf of the Vietnamese Embassy in Singapore, Ambassador Nguyen Tien Minh would like to thank from the heart of the overseas Vietnamese for Truong Sa and the nation. He said that the Vietnamese Embassy would continue to coordinate with agencies and departments to organize many significant trips to Vietnam’s islands for overseas Vietnamese.

These trips along with other practical activities will contribute to connecting the emotion of the mainland to the sea and islands and help overseas Vietnamese better understand the life, sacrifice and hardship of soldiers, people on islands of Vietnam./.


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