Film week on President Ho Chi Minh for teenagers opens

On May 5th, a film week on President Ho Chi Minh for teenagers opened at the Cultural Center of district 6, Ho Chi Minh city.

A scene of the film "Thau Chin o Xiem"

The event is being held by Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Central Committee in the framework of the youth itinerary for the Homeland sea and islands.

Accordingly, audiences will have chance to enjoy films titled “Ho Chi Minh - Chan dung mot con nguoi” (Ho Chi Minh - Portrait of a human”, “Ho Chi Minh o Hong Kong” (Ho Chi Minh in Hong Kong), “Nhung giay phut cuoi doi cua chu tich Ho Chi Minh” (Minutes at the end of President Ho Chi Minh’s life), “Thau Chin o Xiem” (Thau Chin in Thailand), and “Nhung nguoi viet huyen thoai” (The legend makers).

At the opening ceremony, young people watched and exchanged with filmmakers of “Thau Chin o Xiem”. The film tells the story of Nguyen Ai Quoc's activities in Thailand between 1928-1929 to prepare for the establishment of the Communist Party of Vietnam, comprising three groups: Dong Duong Cong San Dang (Dong Duong Communist Party), An Nam Cong San Dang (An Nam Communist Party) and Dong Duong Cong San Lien Doan (Dong Duong Communist Union). The leader adopted the alias “Thau Chi”. The 100-minute film, based on a script with the same title by Dinh Thien Phuc, stars Manh Truong, who plays the role of Thau Chin in his debut film./.


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